In 1979, the East Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (EAPIC) was originally founded by the petrochemical associations in east Asia – Japan Petrochemical Industry Association (JPCA), Korea Petrochemical Industry Association (KPIA) and Petrochemical Industry Association of Taiwan (PIAT). Over a period of more than two decades, presidents, chairmen, board directors and senior managers of the leading Asian petrochemical corporations convened to discuss issues confronting the industry. The responsibility to host the annual conference was equally shared by each of the founding association on a rotational basis.

In the year 2000, the founding members of EAPIC decided to open its membership to other major petrochemical associations from around Asia. In the same year, the conference was renamed the Asia Petrochemical Industry Conference (APIC). Since then, APIC has been an effective avenue facilitating valuable exchange of information, sharing of issues of common concern, and most of all, an excellent business networking platform for industry professionals from around the world, interested in the Asian petrochemical industry. In recent years, the conference has typically attracted over 1,000 senior corporate executives from the petrochemical, chemical and chemical-related industries from around the world to update themselves on the very latest developments in the Asia petrochemical industry.

The main objective of the conference is to spur mutual friendship and goodwill among the petrochemical industry players in Asia and around the world and thereby contribute to the advancement of the petrochemical industry in Asia.

APIC 2018 is making a return to the vibrant city of Kuala Lumpur, Malaysia from 20 - 21 August 2018. The conference is poised to be the prime networking place for Asia's Petrochemical industry players. Gain strategic insights and bright ideas from well established players in the field that are well positioned to address the industry's diverse needs and business requirements. We look forward to welcoming you at APIC 2018.

Theme of APIC 2018: Creating Value through Collaboration

The axis of the global economy is shifting from the west to the east, pulling the chemical demand centre eastward. Asia Pacific region has been and will be the global petrochemical demand growth driver. Rising purchasing power, large population and increasing urbanization rate means rapid regional demand growth will sustain in the future.

The conclusion of 2015 Paris Agreement has led more companies to be aware on the need to operate sustainably across the life cycle of products to preserve the environment. To address this concern will require the industry players to collaborate on technology & innovation and this will require support from the policymakers.

Despite the huge regional potential, the Asia Pacific region is facing myriads of issues and challenges– trade shrinkage due to policy and regulatory changes, overcapacities in certain chemical segments, deceleration of growth in key consuming countries, and intensifying competition from other regions. North American producers, for example, are getting more competitive due to access to cheap feedstock while the Middle East players are moving further downstream and encourage more local production of consumer and business goods for both domestic and export markets.

While we are in the centre of demand, it is increasingly important for us to have a deeper understanding on the market that we are in so that we will be ready with right solutions for the industry. How do we capture the markets from new growth areas in the construction, automotive, personal care and household? How do we shift from a “product seller” to a “solution provider”?

The quick solution is through collaboration across the industry. Co-operation across the industry will allow industry player leverage on technology to innovate and learn faster in order to drive, capture and create value. As a result, the industry to continue prosper and will be able to weather all the challenges coming the way.



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